a collection of works

︎ inbetween architecture
︎ adapting the public inbetween
︎ wicker park, chicago



     The space left inbetween buildings allows for a range of activities that culminate into what Jane Jacobs defines as the ‘street ballet.’ A quick nod between two neighbors; families walking their dogs around the block; acknowledging the same commuters taking the same train everyday; children playing on the streets; taking breaks with colleagues to get chai from the local vendor; all are routine activities that begin to establish a connection between strangers and build a strong sense of community in the process.

Using the ‘street ballet’ as a premise, this thesis aims to create a public space that acts a backdrop for various activities, routine and unplanned. Bringing this concept from places it occurs naturally, India, to a place where this is not a common occurance, the US. Choosing a site in the upcoming neighborhood of Wiker Park in Chicago, the site is treated as an extended sidewalk, a fitting venue for the dance between people to take place. Along with this concept, a collection of elements is added that enables the environment to take on the intrinsic qualities of the intermediate and allows the space to become open to adaptation. This space gives a chance for frequent users and visitors from different communities to connect.