a collection of works

︎ the equinox towers

︎ the architecture of dialogue
︎ west loop, chicago                                   

     Usually, public and private spaces exist in a binary condition. In this project, this condition is broken by introducing shared spaces in-between different programs which initiates a new dialogue amongst them.

     Equinox is a luxury fitness club that promotes a demanding and high achieving lifestyle. Even though they appeal to the younger, working class demographic, only a certain percentage of the well off clients can afford to abide by this lifestyle. The design and architecture in these mixed-use towers tries to repair this contradiction by facilitating a community-driven environment.

     In the residential tower, each type of unit was treated as its own module. Slipping and sliding them creates voids which become the “shared spaces” for the residences. The hotel tower formally exemplifies Equinox’s lifestyle using a similar method of slipping and sliding units.


     The organic yet dense organization of hillside villages was a precedent. In theory, both a hillside village and a tower are fitting a large number of dwelling units into a given structure. However, the resulting forms of each could not be more different from each other.

     By slipping and sliding the different modular sized units, shared spaces were created in the residential towers which serve as reading rooms, outdoor terrace areas, event spaces etc. 

     By scattering the shared spaces in the hotel tower such as yoga studios, meditation rooms, message rooms, and work rooms throughout the hotel tower, an interaction is created between hotel guests and the Equinox members. 


     Diagrams show an evolution of the towers shown from the ground up. 


     (i) The map shows the activity level surrounding the site, 725 West Randolph Street. Radiating outward from this intersection of high activity are places of lesser activity.

     (ii) The map shows the transportation stops.There are two L stops located to the east and west of the site as well as bus stops located on North Halsted Street.

     (iii) This map shows the different building typologies surrounding the site. Scattered around are a variety of offices, residences and restaurants.


     The Concrete Jointed Timber Frame structure was developed by SOM which is a composite concrete and CLT structure using glulam columns. This wall section shows the complexity of the tower structure produced by the pushing and pulling of the units.

     At a zoomed out scale, the West Elevation shows that the same move provides a dynamic facade and the timber materials give a warm invitation to people from the inside out.  

     (i) The underground parking occupies the whole site providing parking spaces for residents as well as the hotel guests.

     (ii) All the lobbies are located around three central shared spaces giving access to the Equinox gym, market hall and retail stores.

     (iii) The second level is accessible to the public via two exterior staircases creating a more inclusive environment.

     (iv) Residential Tower plan shows a mixture of different sized units and the shared spaces that are scattered throughout the floors. 

     (v)All the hotel units are located on one side of the corridor and on the other are the shared spaces for Equinox.

     (center)The plan above combines the MEPFP, Egress and ADA considerations in a typical residential floor plan.  

     A community driven neighborhood drives the concept of the tower and is created by blurring lines of the public and private programs using shared common areas. The perspectives highlight the public area surroundint the equinox tower and the second one highlights central dropway and the residential tower.