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︎ hello!

Welcome to my online portfolio!

I’m Nupoor Maduskar: an optimistic architect and designer passionate about adaptive reuse, rethinking sustainability and solving the challenges involved with public-centric designs.

I cannot remember how many rolls of trace paper I have used to design work showcased here. And let's say that this website is like an online scroll of trace paper that contains my development throughout my B.Arch at Virginia Tech. Here, I learned to become a designer, observer, thinker, problem solver, photographer, sketcher, and architect. Currently, I am pursuing an MA in Adaptive Reuse at the Rhode Island School of Design. Though the two experiences have had many similarities, RISD has opened my mind to many unique avenues of design through new ventures in large-scaled model making, VR tech, coding as art, ceramics, and graphic design.

Visible throughout my work is my interest in how architecture can help revive or build better connected and more sustainable communities. Living in three countries, traveling through 70 cities around the world, and being immersed in varied cultures of architecture has opened me up to an understanding of what it needs to be better. And it gives me immense satisfaction that I will have a role in making that happen.

I would love to hear from you through an email or my Instagram!

︎ skills

Competent in Rhino, Enscape, Twinmotion, Unity, VR Tech, AutoCAD, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Revit, Lightroom, SketchUp, Microsoft Office, Hand Drawings, Sketching.